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During my career I have developed various skills in IT, such as Support, Administration, Development, and Project Management. I have worked on several different Java-based projects as part of my academic work, as well as a number of products in the financial services industry. I have experience on a number of common technologies and methodologies both in support and development work.

I have worked within a testing environment, as the sole contact to external beta testers evaluating new versions of the flagship software. This involved recreating user issues, acceptance testing and liaising with the development team to resolve issues. I was also involved in training members of the Help Desk team in supporting new applications and functionality added to existing applications as part of the beta process.

During my time at University, I studied a number of different programming methodologies and languages including Java, C and C#. I took a lead design and programming role on the 2nd year Java-based group project, creating a simple search engine for use against an existing knowledge-base. I introduced some Extreme Programming methods to this project, including paired programming, for which I achieved the highest grade in my group.

Skills: Familiar OSes

Skills: Familiar Programming languages

Skills: Networking


University Degree - BSc (Hons)

Employment Status

Currently employed by a Top 5 UK telco and ISP in a technical support role, 4 weeks notice.

More details by request only.

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